Fencing & Decking

As North London Fencing and Decking Contractors, we cater for your design questions and then install your fencing and decking to meet with your requirements.


When landscaping your garden, decking will be something to give thought to. Decking extends the living space; it adds an area away from grass that can be used in all weathers.

You may want to consider how the sun lands in your garden when choosing exactly where to have your decking. Some people prefer to have the decking directly joining the house, some prefer decking at the back of the garden, and this often will coincide with a garden building.

Decking will often be surrounded by fencing for safety, as it’s higher up than ground level. You may also want to have a canopy of some sort to control sunlight and rain.

Decking can be made from hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is generally more hardwearing, but of course it’s all about your tastes and as it’s your garden, we will work to your needs and requirements. We are equally available to offer advice based on our many years of experience.

You can accessorise your decking completely to your taste. This may include ramps, stairs, plants, tables and chairs, benches etc.


Fencing is an immensely popular choice for the outside area. We install wooden fencing in such a way that ensures it can stand the test of time. We can help you to decide on the look you want and the colour too. Fencing adds a very stylish touch to your garden or boundaries, you can have it with trellis to create a higher boundary or to enable plant-growth, or have it stand-alone. You can have it standard, or decorative. It can also be part of a larger works, such as to seclude a garden building, play area or seating area, all of which we also complete works on.

There are many different types of fencing, from Picket Fencing and Lap Fencing to Closeboard Fence Panels and Grange Elite. As fencing installers we can install your fencing in a variety of wood and colour finishes and can offer advice on fencing finishes, fencing suppliers and also on how to stay within budgets.

On top of choosing your wood style, you will need posts – regular posts, corners posts and end posts. You can choose cap styles. These could be acorn, round, ball, there are many possibilities when it comes to garden fencing. By using J E Knight Building Services, you know you have chosen a North London builder who has a very good understand of the product market.

If you need fencing repairs we can also assist with this. It is immensely common for fencing to succumb to weather over time. We are able to offer advice on the best way to repair your fencing and on ways to improve the look. We of course complete all fencing repairs and building works to a very high standard in the North London, North West London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex areas.

Please call or email to discuss your requirements and for a free quote from J E Knight Building Services – North London.